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This place will be sparce for a little while, until I spruce it up. I don't have much fiction to share (yet), but what I have, I'll share with you. Now, on to the smut!

"Homicide: Life on the Street"

My first fic ever! Take an angsty trip through the mind of Tim Bayliss.

"Sports Night"

A *very* short glimpse at Dan's appetite.


The Promise
That's right, ladies and gents, it's my first OzFic! Come, join me as I wallow in the angst that was post-CLAK Toby (well, before TF decided to give him apparent amnesia, that is...).

The Hardest Part
Parts 1 & 2
Part 3
It's my Oz-WIP. You know everybody's got one. I decided to play "what if?" and this is what happened. I doubt it'll ever be finished, yet I feel the need to leave it up here. Shame, I suppose.

It's a story that started out as one thing, and became something entirely different. Chris isn't so happy with himself after breaking up with Toby.

This is not your happy fic, folks. (C'mon, it's me!) Chris and Cedar Junction don't get along too well.

Good Advice
Toby gets a little good advice.

Okay, so this isn't really an Oz fic. Nor is it slash. It's something that happened when I thought just a little too hard.

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