Author: Ramius
Finished: January 4, 2001
Rating: Umm... PG? I think. Nothin' much of consequence within.
Feedback: With as much feedback as I've been giving lately, I know I don't deserve, but if you've got the time, let me know what you thought!
Disclaimers: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. Damnit!!!
Thanks: I *guess* it's a thanks. To Ninon. For yet another idea. I swear to god I'm never gonna sleep again. And it's ALL YOUR FAULT.


As the lights were brought up in Em City, Toby rolled over on his side and took a bleary look at the world surrounding him. Funny, everything still looked the same. The buzzer sounded, indicated freedom from the five by ten cells that cage the men of Oz. As a brief concession to his appearance, Toby splashed some cold water on his face. Exchanging a quick smile with Chris, Toby left the pod, the other man just behind him.

They stood side by side, waiting for count to finish. Mineo worked his way slowly around the common area, calling each inmate by number. "97B412... 98K514..." as he passed Chris, he slowed and looked at the prisoner. "Don't forget, Keller. You got a meet with McManus," and he was on to the next man.

Toby looked at Chris, confusion in his eyes. "What-"

But Chris cut him off with a smile. "Don't worry 'bout it. I'll see ya after breakfast, kay?"


In the cafeteria, Toby gathered his breakfast and moved gingerly across the floor, eyeing a seat at the table where Rebadow and Busmalis were already seated, and Augie was rolling up to the edge. As he approached the table, he noticed a pointed lack in eye contact from the normally talkative men.

Beecher placed his tray on the table, and wearily eyed his seat. He finally sat down, slowly, wincing slightly as memories from the night before flashed in front of his eyes. A slight flush overtook his face, and he decided his time would best be spent trying to keep his food down.

Breakfast passed with nary a word from his table neighbors, although he caught Augustus giving him what could only be described as a smirk on more than one occasion.

Hoping that Chris would show up at breakfast early, relieved from his meeting with McManus, Toby held out, staying in his seat long after many of the other men had left Finally, amidst the crowd of prisoners, only Tobias and Bob Rebadow were left at their particular table. Toby moved to get up, but was stopped by the gentle pressure of Bob's hand on his arm. With a sly smile on his face, and a slight twinkle in his eye, Rebadow leaned over, and spoke quietly to Beecher.

"I know Chris only just returned, but tonight you might want to make sure he shaves."

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